We provides service of the entire spectrum of the publishing lifecycle – content creation, editorial, project management, visual design, proofreading, page-makeup, typesetting, digitalization, and warehousing for publishing houses, educational institutions, government agencies, universities and corporations. We provide publishing services to largest publishers in the world, and to enterprises of all sizes.

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Books have been an important companion in our lives and we are the leading Book Designing Agency run by the highly experienced and accountable team. We have been providing book publishing services since the first day of our inception.
Pre-nursery | Poem / Story books | K-12 books | Higher Education | Novels/Fiction | Covers | Illustrations | e-Books


Paper advertising is the best way to reach consumers and improve the effort made to reach them. In addition, advertising through flyers and digital media offers the possibility of being known to a wider audience and when designing the ads, we find that our team is the best.
Newspaper ads | Magazine ads | Web Banner Ads | Hoardings Design | Social Media Ads | Video Ads


Magazines are the best source of concise information for readers and, with periodicals, links them to readers for a longer period of time. We publish magazines and design them in a way that attracts the viewer to choose one for sure.
Art Magazines | Automotive Magazines | Business Magazines | Fashion Magazines | Food Magazines | Lifestyle Magazines | News Magazines


Newspaper publishing is an area of our services where we keep the exchange of knowledge offline through the use of paper and deliver the information to the readers. We focus on timely delivery and maximum satisfaction in newspaper publishing.
National Dailies | Metropolitan Dailies | Employment Newspaper | Weeklies and Semi-Weeklies | Business newspapers | Tabloids

Facilities with us!

Full-service project management

Our highly-skilled and experienced project SME’s see every aspect of the projects placed with us through to successful on-time, on-budget delivery.


Our highly experienced freelance copy-editors have expertise across all major scholarly subject areas and pay meticulous attention while working closely with authors.


At Prittal we assist publishers who require customized illustration services at the most affordable rates and with the shortest turnaround times.


We understand how important it is to compose crisp and clean layouts to deliver the intended message clearly to the reader. Our skilled typesetters are experienced in all forms of conventional typesetting, ensuring a wide range of typesetting options to choose from.


Professional proofreaders work quickly and accurately on paper or digital proofs, raising final editorial queries as they go. Regular feedback ensures continuous improvement.


Content is handled via XML for multiple publishers and independent presses. Delivering to bespoke or off-the-shelf DTDs, we promise consistency far superior to post-production conversion.

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We are a creatively driven team who are passionate about new ideas and how these can be developed to drive more business for our clients.


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